Lau Tha hotpot is a folk dish stylized by the professional chefs of The Cliff resort and elevate it to become a unique dish possessing typical flavor of Mui Ne beach.

Displayed on a flat basket lining with banana leaves, then rice noodles, vegetables, sliced boiled pork, sliced fried egg, and sesame rice paper. The main ingredient of Lau Tha is fresh deep herring – one of the specialty fish of Phan Thiet. Slice through the fish and have it marinated. All the above ingredients will be served with a special sauce – the mixture of Vietnamese banana, peanut, etc. Lau Tha broth cooked from fresh shrimps, especially lobster oil that turn the hot pot into attractive bright red color and fascinating fragrance.

Lẩu thả đang được Khu du lịch Làng Thụy Sĩ giới thiệu đến thực khách sành ăn, những người luôn tìm kiếm, khám phá những hương vị mới trong nghệ thuật ẩm thực phong phú của Việt Nam.

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